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EPICENTRK plant currently closed due to war in Ukraine


EPICENTRk Ceramic is the latest ceramic tile factory of the group EPICENTR, located in Kiev, Ukraine.

Last major investment SACMI Before the COVID-19 crisis, this ultra-modern plant was built in 2019 following a major investment of €180 million, giving it all the latest technologies available on the market.

The parent company EPICENTR  is one of the leading retail companies specialising in home improvement and gardening on the Ukrainian market. With shop chains representing a total sales area of over 1.5 million m2 , the market share of EPICENTR DIY reached 45% of the country's domestic market, making the group Ukraine's leading non-food retailer, with annual sales of €1.3 billion.

This group of companies also includes a food holding company, EPICENTR AGROwhich is one of Ukraine's top 10 farms, with a land bank of 110,000 ha, a logistics hub with a total surface area of over 80,000 m2, and a number of other manufacturing and processing companies. The Group has a total workforce of 40,000.

Today, the ceramics factory is proud to be a European manufacturer of top-quality products. It is located in Kiev, Eastern Europe. Their team is highly qualified, made up of professionals and engineers who have created production facilities based on state-of-the-art equipment from Italian manufacturers. TM SACMI, SYSTEM and BMR.

They have implemented the most innovative production technologies, such as the digital colouring system DIGITAL dry process Easy Color Boosttechnology, the dry grindingon polishing with Super Shine technology and the quality control by scanning - Qualitron.

They produce single-pore tiles, in white paste for wall coverings, in matt and polished porcelain stoneware for floor coverings, with the following dimensions

  1. Wall – 20×60, 25×75, 30×60, 30×90
  2. Soil - 15Ă—60, 15Ă—90, 30Ă—60, 20Ă—120, 47Ă—47, 60Ă—60, 60Ă—120, 80Ă—80, 100Ă—100 and 120Ă—120, in 6mm for large sizes, and 10mm for the rest of the collection, ground and unground.
  3. 20 mm decking - 60Ă—60, 80Ă—80, 60Ă—120, ground and/or unground, classified R11 - B for use on terraces and around swimming pools.


They have put all their expertise into the creation of each collection, with the aim of producing high quality products, made from high quality raw materials. All this makes their product one of the best in the world.


The plant is fully equipped with the latest reference standards in the field. Current production capacity is 6 million m2, and by the end of 2021 this will have risen to 12 million m2 with the installation of the CONTINUA+ for the production of large formats in 6mm in particular.

It has its own fleet of delivery trucks, with 300 trucks travelling throughout Europe. The factory building has a floor area of 70,000 m2, set in the middle of a wooded area on the outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine.

Respect for the environment is also a priority for the Group, and the plant has all the equipment currently in force in this area.

Sales are made by 22-tonne full trucks only. The quality/price ratio is impressive, offering customers technologically advanced products at very competitive prices.

The Essentials

Each plant develops its sales through key and must-have products in the brand's showroom. These products are the factory's bestsellers, and are distinguished by daily sales in the showrooms. They are among the most important collections in order to generate rapid sales and interesting business for you and the factory. 

The series  Porter, Victoria and Cotto, are stone and terracotta cement effects, rectified in 60×60 20mm thick, coloured in the mass and are available in three colours for the first two, and one colour for the last one. These collections have the classification R11-B and work very well! Download the PDF here.

The series Timber is a 20Ă—120 rectified wood effect. The wood strips are screen-printed using inkjet, and the result is very good, for a very attractive price. A product on the move! Download the PDF here.

The series Oslo is a 60Ă—60 rectified imitation cement. Its shades, its smooth skin, its resistance and its general aspect make it an easy sale. Very good value for money. Download the PDF here.

The Essentials are the heart of the Factory itself. Visit marketing to display them in showrooms is plentiful and offers multiple possibilities for adapting to the space available. They are generally aesthetically pleasing. These products are easy to sell. By offering them, by pushing them, the results will not be long in coming. Try them out, because success is just around the corner. So will profitability.

What's new in CERSAIE 2022

EPICENTRK launches its CONTINUA+ and presents the 100Ă—100 format in 6mm!

The Bologna trade fair is not accessible to all manufacturers, and the latest factory is on the waiting list. But that doesn't matter to the staff, who were there for the occasion to show their teams the first results of their investments, with new series in the pipeline. 80Ă—80 8mmbut also in 100×100 6mm to discover too!

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