Edimax Ceramiche

EDIMAX-ASTOR is a high-end ceramic factory located in Solignano, near Modena, Italy.

It offers a complete range of colourful and aesthetically perfect glazed porcelain stoneware products for floors and wall coverings, which scrupulously respect the "Made in Italy"This new range combines high quality and innovative design, with a wide variety of surfaces, colours and sizes.

Each collection is inspired by research aimed at interpreting the major national and international trends in stone, metal, cement and wood. They are inspired by natural products taken from the surrounding or distant environment, and target different market segments, offering numerous aesthetic and functional solutions to professionals in this sector.

With EDIMAX-ASTORHere, technology is at the forefront, and the design of the products on offer is second to none. It's impossible here to find a piece that's the same as another - the multiplication of manufacturing processes, such as screen printing and 3D relief, means that you get a unique material that's second to none. Whatever the origin of the creation, the result is astonishing. One of the finest collections on the market today.

At EDIMAX-ASTORThe natural environment is our source of inspiration and we respect it. The production process is 100% eco-friendly and includes recycling of water and raw materials, a 1 Mega photovoltaic system and a thermal unit with controlled CO2 emissions.

The Essentials

Each plant develops its sales through key and must-have products in the brand's showroom. These products are the factory's bestsellers, and are distinguished by daily sales in the showrooms. They are among the most important collections in order to generate rapid sales and interesting business for you and the factory. 

The series SĂ©nanque is a beautiful imitation of travertine. It benefits from the latest 3D technology from the factory, making it more real than life. 6 formats, with modular installation possible. Download the PDF here.

The series Context is unique. Splendid imitation of a limestone that would have been fired in a kiln, with oxidation at the edges due to the flames. A very good seller everywhere, in all formats.  Download the PDF here.

The series Instone is another version of travertine, meticulously made. Several sizes are available, the best selling being 45×75. Available in the following versions Grip also for outdoor use. Download the PDF here.

The Essentials are the heart of the Factory itself. Visit marketing to display them in showrooms is plentiful and offers multiple possibilities to adapt to the space available. They are generally aesthetically pleasing. These products are easy to sell. By offering them, by pushing them, the results will not be long in coming. Give them a try, because success is just around the corner. 

What's new in CERSAIE 2022

EDIMAX reinvents wood effects, and in 3D!

The factory's new 3D Shape technology proved its worth with the magnificent SENANQUEbut these three new wood imitations (series W3) exceed all expectations. The random reliefs on the surface and the skin of the tiles resemble wood to a fault! 

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