Cliper Ceramica

CLIPER Ceramica SA is a manufacturer of porcelain stoneware floors and wall coverings, which began trading on 19 June 2007, when a group of building materials dealers (EMACOR) decided to acquire a production unit at Figueira da Foz.

With this acquisition, the company set itself a new challenge with one objective: to assume and guarantee a prestigious image on the market, offering high-quality products, innovation and design, while guaranteeing a very high level of service.

In February 2008, a new brand was created: CLIPER Ceramicawhich became the company's new name in May 2009.

On 9 June 2010, it obtained certification of its quality management system in accordance with the European standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008.

The plant's commercial target is located in the market for builders, homebuilders, building sites and projects. To do this, it offers the NF-UPECwhich is a very popular standard in France for this type of contract.

The flooring range comprises a variety of classic formats, starting with 33Ă—33, and also offers 45Ă—45, 60Ă—60, 45Ă—90 and 90Ă—90 formats. Their wood imitations come in 20Ă—80.

The competitive prices products will enable us to reach theentry-levelbut the collection also includes more luxurious products, rectified, soften and even polisIt's a great way to add interest to your showrooms too. 

The wall cladding range, which has been relatively short and focused until now, is being expanded with the arrival of a brand new dedicated production line at the end of 2021, and the 20Ă—40 formats previously only available will be enhanced by new sizes, such as 20Ă—60, 25Ă—75 and 30Ă—90 in monoporosaic.

The plant is investing, with the aim of staying close to its customers.

The Essentials

Each plant develops its sales through key and must-have products in the brand's showroom. These products are the factory's bestsellers, and are distinguished by daily sales in the showrooms. They are among the most important collections in order to generate rapid sales and interesting business for you and the factory. 

The series LEK is the flagship product in the Cliper range. Available in 60Ă—60 and 90Ă—90 in 4 colours, with interior and exterior finishes, this product sells well and is very hard-wearing. A good choice. Download the PDF here.

The series Doubs 2.0 is also a well-known Cliper series. Perfectly targeted for projects or large-scale worksites, highly resistant to use, a very good seller. Download the PDF here. 

The series Timber is a new product launched in 2020. It's a well-executed wood effect at a very attractive price. The product is available in two finishes, interior and exterior, for your terraces. Download the PDF here.

The Essentials are the heart of the Factory itself. Visit marketing to display them in showrooms is plentiful and offers multiple possibilities for adapting to the space available. They are generally aesthetically pleasing. These products are easy to sell. By offering them, by pushing them, the results will not be long in coming. Try them out, because success is just around the corner. So will profitability.

What's new in CERSAIE 2022

CLIPER enters the 90Ă—90 market with three new series!

The Bologna fair is a good opportunity for the factory to reveal its investments, with a new production line for large-format earthenware, as well as new creations, including 3 new series in 90×90such as LEK ! Or the development of their wallcoverings range too, with several new series, and new formats to discover too!

CLIPER is renewing itself! And it shows! 

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